What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be here!

I jumped the bandwagon and made a Five Nights at Freddie’s OC.

Her name is Cathy the Crazy Cat. She is slightly smaller than the others, probably because she is sitting down most of the time.

The staff at Fazbear’s noticed that the employees lacked a way of effectively making children stay away from certain areas, particularly those that weren’t normally off-limits. For example, if anyone threw up in the ball pit, most kids didn’t listen to the cleaning staff when they asked the kids to stay away, ending in kids covered in vomit, which resulted in even more vomit.

That’s where Cathy came in. If there was ever a need for an area to be temporarily off-limits, they’d bring out Cathy and station her there. She’d sit there, shivering twitchily and muttering to herself, which usually made kids avoid her because she was “weird”. And if a kid came too near, Cathy would look at them and whisper urgently “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here” over and over until the kid left.

She was taken out of circulation after she became over-protective of a certain spot, namely Pirate Cove, screaming “YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE, GO AWAY!” to everyone, kids and adults and even staff members, resisting when they took her away. A few days later, the Bite of ‘87 happened, like Cathy had known something was not quite right with Foxy, and was only trying to warn everyone.

She appears mostly in the costume room, and some say she can recognize humans as humans and not robo-skeletons, and she tries to warn them to go away. But of course, her cries alert the other robots, and they’re not as kind as she is.